GIScience & Remote Sensing 
Vanessa Brum-Bastos
I  am PhD candidate in  Geography at the Departament of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St. Andrews, Scotland - UK.  My current research involves using  geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing products and others sources of environmental information to answer ecological and human mobility problems. Specifically, I am interested in developing and applying novel methods for space-time analysis to contextualize movement databases and understand the connections between movement and surrounding environment. Currently, I focus largely on the development of methods for integrating spatial patterns movement data, e.g., data obtained through GPS tracking with environmental data. I am also interested in other research areas relating more broadly to GIScience; including thermal remote sensing, disaggregation models, enhancement of images,  GEOBIA, data mining for image classification and spatial analysis. 
Last updated on  07 th March 2017
 Awards & Grants
  1. 2014 -2019
    PhD scholarship
    Science Without Borders (SWB) & Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) - Brazil
  2. 2015
    Junior Research Bursary
    Evolving GIScience: A celebration of the life and work of Peter Fisher (University of Leicester)
  3. 2012–2014
    MSc. scholarship
    National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) - Brazil
  4. 2015
    SICSA Summer School Bursary
    The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance
  5. 2009–2011
    Undergraduate research scholarship
    National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) - Brazil
  6. 2002
    Outstanding student certificate
    EMEF Prof. Hélio Augusto de Souza (Basic Education) - Brazil
  7. 2016
    GRADSkills Innovation Grant : GIS for beginners
    The GRADskills Innovation Grant is a mean by which research postgraduate students are encouraged to think more creatively about ways in which their transferable skills development can be facilitated through the GRADskills Programme in the University of St Andrews.