GIScience & Remote Sensing 
Vanessa Brum-Bastos
I  am PhD candidate in  Geography at the Departament of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St. Andrews, Scotland - UK.  My current research involves using  geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing products and others sources of environmental information to answer ecological and human mobility problems. Specifically, I am interested in developing and applying novel methods for space-time analysis to contextualize movement databases and understand the connections between movement and surrounding environment. Currently, I focus largely on the development of methods for integrating spatial patterns movement data, e.g., data obtained through GPS tracking with environmental data. I am also interested in other research areas relating more broadly to GIScience; including thermal remote sensing, disaggregation models, enhancement of images,  GEOBIA, data mining for image classification and spatial analysis. 
Last updated on  07 th March 2017
2014 - Current  University of St. Andrews

Post:                                PhD Student – Teaching Assistant
Main duties:                   Developing scripts and assisting students during GIS laboratories in the modules "Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Science (GISci)" and "Method, Field, Data: Researching Geographies in Practice"

2014 - 2015  University of St. Andrews
Post:                                PhD Student – Research Assistant
Main duties:                   Responsible for geocodification of data, database organization and development of desired output maps for an economic GIS project for the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development and for a historical GIS project for the Department of History - University of St Andrews - Scotland - UK.
2013 - 2013  Opção Technical College 

Post:                                Teacher
Main duties:                   Lecturing  and  assisting students during GIS laboratories in the modules.
2012 - 2013  GeoInsight Soluções em Geotecnologia e Meio Ambiente
Post:                                Shareholder / GIS analyst
Main duties:                   Fieldwork for collection of DGPS coordinates; Thematic mapping for a rural environmental register; Technical reports for a register in the INCRA (National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform) database.

2009 - 2011  Geoplan Jr.  Student Enterprise
Post:                                Marketing director
Main duties:                   Development of visual identity and public image, organization of company events. 

Post:                                Projects trainee
Main duties:                   Primary research activities for database management, project management and spatial mapping.

2009 - 2009  State University of Sao Paulo
Post:                                Distance learning tutor
Main duties:                   Preparing course material and assisting students with activities within Moodle on-line platform.